Independence Adult Martial Arts Classes

Take On A Wide Range Of Self-Defense Disciplines In Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

At Dragon Family Martial Arts Center, we're offering professional instruction in some of the most well-known self-defense disciplines around. Whether your goal is to challenge your body and build strength or you're hoping to learn effective self-defense skills for any situation, we have the answer. 

Join us in Independence today and take on Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Kenpo, and more! 

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Find The Class That Works For You In Our Adult Martial Arts Program

At Dragon Family Martial Arts Center, we're committed to offering comprehensive coaching and a focus on every detail of our self-defense discipline. Our Adult Martial Arts program is perfect for all experience levels. We help you learn one step at a time and put your training into action in no time.

Join us in Independence for:

Jeet Kune Do: The art of Bruce Lee is designed to help you defend against any opponent with hand strikes, kicking, trapping, grappling, and improved situational awareness. This system is all about focusing on simplicity and direct, effective strategies. 

Wing Chun: This close-range discipline is the perfect way for you to defend against a real-world threat. You'll learn how to gain leverage over an opponent and overcome people of all sizes and strength levels.

Filipino/Kali: Learn how to defend with and against everyday weapons like sticks, sworded and bladed objects. This system focuses on transferring total-body coordination and open-hand strategies for any situation.  

Matsumura Kenpo: This old-school training system is best learned one step at a time. You'll take on old-school strategies and master the skill with the help of Sensei Fred Ettish instruction. 

PLUS, Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Go Beyond Just Self-Defense

The focus of each discipline we teach is how to defend yourself in any situation. But being a true martial artist means so much more.

Our Adult Martial Arts classes offer you all the mental, physical, and emotional tools you need to find success beyond just the self-defense scenario. At Dragon Family Martial Arts Center, you can take on incredible strength, focus, and confidence in everything you do.

Join us in Independence today for:

  • Total-body strength and muscle toning
  • Healthy, sustainable fat burn
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Boosted focus, discipline, and confidence

Join Us Today For The Best Adult Martial Arts Program In Independence

If you're looking for a great way to challenge your body and your mind at the same time, come see us today in Independence. Our Adult Martial Arts classes here at Dragon Family Martial Arts Center are perfect for all experience levels. 

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Join Us In Independence Today For The Best Martial Arts Training Town!

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