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Kids Martial Arts Classes Independence

Authentic Jeet June Do with direct lineage to Bruce Lee. Ip man style Wing Chun Kung Fu. Knowledgeable and patient instructors who want you to succeed. I just wish I knew about this place 8 years ago when I first moved to the KC area!

Josh S.

Kids Martial Arts Classes Independence

Great martial art training and in my opinion from the greatest martial art. Class is as intense as what you bring with you. Jeet Kune Do is scientific street fighting. Think about it. This is the style developed by Bruce Lee to protect his own family not necessarily what you see in his movies. All ages and all backgrounds welcome. Come have fun, get in shape, and learn practical self defense locally. Also I'm there. :)

Zack A.

Kids Martial Arts Classes Independence

It's a great place to learn martial arts and the instructors are very knowledgeable. And if your in a wheelchair they are willing to work with you and modify the art so that you will be able to learn. It's also great place and way to make new friends.

Stephen J.

Kids Martial Arts Classes Independence

Hands down the best dojo in town. They have day and night classes that fit my rotating work schedule. First dojo I've been to that can do that. Several different marital art styles. Children's classes round it out, to make it feel like family. The dragon family.

George B.

Kids Martial Arts Classes Independence

Dragon Family is the best! The people that go there do become part of your extended family. The instructors are fantastic, and we all help each other! I recommend Dragon Family to everyone.

Leanne C.

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